What our students say about Team Rivas Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?

"It's been 2 years now since I started my journey in Jiu Jitsu with Team Rivas. When I first started I was already in shape physically or so I thought, but mentally and emotionally I knew I was not. At that time I was going through a rough patch in life. Over the first month I really got to know my team. I trained hard every day and feel in love with the sport very quickly! Never in my lifUe had I ever felt so passionate about something.The following month I lost my grandfather who was one of my biggest fans. 3 days later I fought in my first competition winning gold! It was at that moment I knew I had found my Jiu Jitsu home. My coach, Daniel Rivas had walked out to the mats gave me hug and said that's for him as he pointed to the sky. After that well let's just say Team Rivas has become my family and my home. From my coach to the new guy just starting. From the moment I walked through the door on my first day they've treated me like family. Jiu Jitsu has changed my life but even more so Team Rivas has change it. Team Rivas is my family and always will be! My journey is far from over! #loyalty #honor #respect #trust #family"

Jacob Palmer - Blue belt - ADCC Nationals champion

"Team Rivas is not only a jiu jitsu gym but as well a family to me. When I first joined, of course I was nervous but Daniel was a great mentor and professor and he helped me feel welcome. Not only him but his assistant coaches (Ariel, Nathan, Nico) and his students helped me learn the art of jiu jitsu. I have now been training for a year with Daniel and I never regret a day. This experience has shaped me and I can never thank him enough. Oss!" 

Corey Mcnutt - White belt

Team Rivas, it's more then just a school for me. This is my family and my home away from home. I have the honor to call these teammates my brothers and sisters. BJJ has changed my life and taught me so many amazing lessons along the way. I could not thank my team or my coach enough for introducing me into a world that made or created an amazing one for myself. All the challenges I face, I know I have my team. Training everyday or even just twicThe e a week will make a difference in your life. I stepped into this class and haven't looked back not one time. Thanks Team Rivas , you saved me. "

Angela Farley - Blue belt
"Team Rivas is great! Coach Daniel has a good program for kids. He is stern, patient and even throws a joke in on occasion. We have seen improvement in confidence, attitude and mobility. Tournaments are good for experiencing team participation and learning the value of solo victory and defeat. Good for character and self defense" 

Rob Currie - Jack's dad
"I cannot recommend enough, the BJJ program that Coach Daniel provides at Team Rivas.  From day one, my son has been treated with the utmost respect and kindness. Coach provides not only the best BJJ training in the Houston area, but is also a positive role model for the kids. This is something that is greatly lacking in today's society. Since starting with Team Rivas, my son has become more disciplined, confident, and more respectful. These attributes are carried with him on and off the mats. He received recognition for receiving all E's in conduct as well as all A's all year long this past school year. Coach Daniel teaches in a way that allows all of the students to learn and progress quickly and correctly. I'm very impressed with how fast my son has gained an incredible skill set. His strive and determination are qualities that he know possesses thanks to an extremely talented and honest coach that believes in him. Bringing home metals at tournaments is just the icing on the cake. I can honestly say that Coach Daniel has made an extremely positive impact on my son's life. "
Nyree Turner - Allen's mom
"Enrolling my 3 kids with Team Rivas has been such a blessing. My kids have so much more self confidence  than they did a few months ago and it keeps getting stronger.  Coach Daniel's passion for Jujitsu shows when he teaches. So much so that my husband has found a love for his adult class. We all love Team Rivas!" 

Melissa Shaw - Riley, Austin and Emily' mom
"Ever since the first day that I came in to check out the school, I have never wanted to go anywhere else. The support system that we all have for each other is amazing. We all treat each other with firmness, fairness, dignity and respect. The head coach Daniel Rivas has helped me overcome challenges both on and off of the mats and has motivated me to transform from being a kid with no plan to a man gathering the tools to succeed in every aspect of my life. William Arthur Ward once said "The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The GREAT teacher inspires." 

Nick DeWitt - Blue belt - US Marine
"I tried out many different sports growing up but Team Rivas  is one of the only places that really feels like a team. Everyone is very committed to putting in work and helping others out with a peaceful attitude. I couldn't be any more content training at rivas  and can't wait to see where my  hardworking, positive team goes in the future. " 

Katie "Gold Medal" Sauger - State Champion 
 "The 2 years I've spent with Team Rivas has been an amazing journey. The times I've spent rolling with teammates and competing against others in competition has changed my views in ways when I faced defeats and victory. To be humble and learn. With the time I spent training with Team Rivas, I discover the courage that I once never had when I was bullied as a child. And the time I spent training, I'm always facing battles amongst myself to get better. I look at this a never ending battle that I relish the challenge for and face them with courage and I owe it to you, my teammates and my family. Thank you for all that you have done for me and I will continue to reach higher goals."

Chris Bayley 
"In 2010 I was beginning my career as a High School teacher and realized that if I didn’t involve myself in some type of physical activity outside of work, my health would suffer. Having practiced BJJ briefly years prior and seeing a sign for TEAM RIVAS I signed up.

While the physical benefits of being able to keep your body healthy while learning a valuable skill are important, I cannot stress enough how I have mentally  benefited from training.  Managing stress, overcoming obstacles, and just keeping a sense of balance in life: these are things that training have helped with. "

 Eddie Pierce - Purple Belt - Teacher

"Excellent Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu school, great coaches and teammates! Head coach Daniel Rivas is very dedicated, patient, through and knowledgeable. I have learned so much from Team Rivas Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, it is a great gym to train with great people. I'm proud to be part of such a wonderful team" 
Kayla Rogers - Blue Belt - State Champion
"Putting our son Jordan into coach Daniel Rivas's Jui-Jitsu class is one of the best decisions we could of ever made for him. His strength, coordination, and attitude have dramatically improved over the past two years. It wasn't  long before Jordan decided he wanted to compete in tournaments and once he did; his skills and competitive drive took off. Coach Rivas is so good at showing them in a way that is easy for them to understand and learn. You can really tell coach Rivas loves what he does. "

Crystal and Jeremy Aldridge, Jordan's parents
"We are proud to consider ourselves part of the Team Rivas family.  I use that word because that is exactly the atmosphere that Coach Daniel promotes.  He is not just a coach on the mats but he also knows how the kids are doing at school and at home.  We like the fact that there are no scheduled belt tests.  Kids advance for their total effort in the gym at home and in the classroom.  I had a bad experience at a corporate Jiu Jitsu school, so when I met Coach Daniel he observed the way he does business and how he treats his team we chose him to teach our son and it has been a great decision.  We wholeheartedly recommend Coach Daniel Rivas and Team Rivas Jiu Jitsu!"

Matt and Brandi Rodrigue - parents of Nolan a.k.a. Tank

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